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-- when obama won the effort and energy that african-americans put into his victory meant that many of the associations which -- this happen before. it changes things. the one thing to remember, we are the only race, only race that the republican party has not pursued. they -- zero. so they get zero response. there's nothing in any of the associations that can be said to lead african-americans, large associations, the fed responded to cited or articulate. the problem is and question was about coalition building. i think that is an important issue. it would be easy to build coalitions if the republican ticket wins because it would be a lot of people who say we don't have to have coalitions that are just response. the problem is that without some of these organizations that were not as responsive as they should've been after obama got into the white house, we cannot maintain without a link left. there are a variety of explanations for the. probably my simplest example, shirley sherard. remember, we immediately conceded to the right wing media spin can you explain who she is. >> the af
of defense under president george w. bush, as was president barack obama. doctor gates has served eight presidents and a number of leadership roles including director of central intelligence agency and deputy, national security advisor. doctor gates was sworn in as the 22nd secretary of defense. before beaming secretary of defense, dr. gates was the president of texas a&m university, the nation's seventh largest university. prior to assuming the texas a&m presidency, bob served as dean of the george bush school from 99-2001. dr. gates has been awarded the national security medal, the president citizens medal and has twice received the national intelligence distinguished service medal and is three times received cia's highest award, the distinguished intelligence medal. on his last day in office, president obama awarded dr. gates the presidential medal of freedom, america's highest civilian honor. suffice it to say bob is the most honorable and effective public servants i have known, secretary gates, we are deeply indebted to you for being here and i'm told that you're about to appear on
are legitimate -- then i pray that barack obama as commander in chief will propose a specific bill that is introduced in the house of representatives with some semblance of support if not bipartisan, at least by democrats that details what his plan is so that the american people can see it, and they can digest it and decide where they want to go with it. now, mr. hale, if you are familiar with a specific bill that the president has proposed that has been introduced in the house of representatives that is confined to this issue -- i'm not talking about a spore gas board where it's not a thousand different points, one point happens to touch on sequestration, i'm talking about a sequestration-fixed bill, one bill that's been introduced in the house that has the support of members, please, share it with me. >> gentleman's time has expired. if you could, please, answer that for the record, mr. secretary. >> i will do that. >> mr. kritz. >> thank you, mr. chairman. secretary hale, in your written testimony you are worried about a different type of problem. you mention it in your next ste
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3